Group Members

Ph. D. Researchers:

10]]Md Jashim Uddin (Supervisor: Md. Zavid Iqbal Bangalee & M. Ferdows)
Thesis: Investigation of Pulsating pipe flows: A Computational Fluid Dynamics Approach. 2019.

09]]Mossa Samima Nasrin (Supervisor: M. Ferdows, M.A. Samad & E.E. Tzirtzilakis)
Thesis: Mixed convection boundary layer flow of electrically conducting biomagnetic fluid subject to magnetization. 2017.

08]]Papiya Debi (Supervisor: M. Ferdows )
Thesis: Multi-walled Carbon Nanotube simulations on Non Darcian Boundary layer flow and Convective heat transfer in a porous medium saturated by Nanofluid. 2017.

07]]Md. Ghulam Kazi Ekramul Hoque (Supervisor: M. Ferdows )
Thesis: Simulation of Coronary Blood Flow Based on Biomedical Imaging. 2017.

06]]Md. Momimul Islam Prodhan (Supervisor: Md. Zavid Iqbal Bangalee & M. Ferdows )
Thesis: Numerical Investigations on the Dynamic Models and Performances of Wind Turbine. 2017.

05]]Md. Ghulam Murtoza Talukder (Supervisor: M. Ferdows & E.E. Tzirtzilakis)
Thesis: Biomagnetic fluid flows over a stretching sheet. 2016.

04]]Nayma Islam Nima (Supervisor: M. Ferdows )
Thesis: Gyrotactic Microorganisms modeling of free forced Convective Boundary Layer flow. 2016
03]]Shahina Akter (Supervisor: M. Ferdows )
Thesis: Spectral Relaxation numerical simulation of boundary layer flow with nanoparticles on a moving surface influenced by induced magnetic field. 2016.
02]]Sayed Parvez Ahmed (Supervisor: M. Ferdows, Golam Dastegir Al-Quaderi & E.E. Tzirtzilakis)
Thesis: Numerical modeling of unsteady arterial blood flow subject to spatially varying magnetic field.2016.
01]]Md. Enamul Karim (Co-advisor: M. Ferdows)
Thesis : Study on Nonlinear Elastico viscous Pulsatile Nano fluid slip flow over porous channel stretching sheet.2015.

Graduate (M.Sc. ) Students:

32]]Tahia Tazin (Supervisor: M. Ferdows )
Thesis: Magnetization of Carbon Nanotube flow. 2019.
31]]Rifat Hasan Rubel (Supervisor: M. Ferdows )
Thesis: Nanotube flow of convective heat transfer. 2019.
30]]Nabila Jaman Tripti (Supervisor: M. Ferdows )
Thesis: Effect of Bifurcation Angles of Stenosis in Coronary Blood Flow using Idealized Coronary Artery Model. 2018.
29]]Md. Rayhan Prodhan (Supervisor: M. Ferdows )
Thesis: Non-Similar Analysis of Mixed Convection Biomagnetic Boundary Layer Flow over a Vertical Plate with Magnetization & Localized Heating or Cooling. 2018.
28]]Md. Ariful Islam (Supervisor: Md. Zavid Iqbal Bangalee )
Thesis: Numerical Investigation of flow over a typical Airfoil. 2018.
27]]Md. Mizanur Rahman (Supervisor: Md. Zavid Iqbal Bangalee )
Thesis: Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Simulation of CPU Heat Sink . 2018.
26]]Robiul Islam (Supervisor: M. Ferdows )
Thesis: simulation of Fluid and dust particles boundary layer flow . 2017.
25]]Nagmi Akter (Supervisor: M. Ferdows )
Thesis: Modeling and simulation of Carbon Nanotube boundary layer flow . 2017.
24]]Md Imran (Supervisor: Md. Zavid Iqbal Bangalee )
Thesis: Effects of Convection in Nanofludic Microorganism . 2017.
23]]Anika Ferdous Sraboni (Supervisor: Tania S. Khaleque )
Thesis: Effects of Convection in Ferrofluids . 2017.
22]]Maisha Islam Sejunti (Supervisor: Tania S. Khaleque )
Thesis: Thermal Convection in Ferrofluids . 2017.
21]]Maria Mahbub (Supervisor: M. Ferdows )
Thesis: Parametric study on Steady-State Biomagnetic laminar flow & Heat transfer over a stretching sheet under the effects of an applied magnetic field. 2016.
20]]Md. Rezwan Mizan (Supervisor: M. Ferdows )
Spectral Relaxation approach on convective heat transfer of Magnetic and Non-Magnetic particle over a stretching Cylinder with induced Magnetic Enhancement. 2016.
19]]G. M. Ashikur Rahman (Supervisor: Md. Zavid Iqbal Bangalee)
Numerical Investigation of Flow over NACA 0012 Airfoil: A Comparative Study . 2016.
18]]M.G.M. AL Faruque (Supervisor: Md. Zavid Iqbal Bangalee)
Numerical Investigation of Flow Over a Cube Shaped Bluff Body: An Aerodynamic Approach. 2016.
17]]Alaa J. A. Abuiyada (Supervisor: Tania S. Khaleque)
Effects of radiation and variable thermal conductivity on heat transfer flow along a stretching sheet using Keller-Box method. 2016.
16]]Md. Rabiul (Supervisor: M. Ferdows )
Combined natural and forced convection effects on Biomagnetic fluid flow over a stretching sheet using temperature dependent magnetization. 2015.
15]]Roushanara Begum (Supervisor: Md. Zavid Iqbal Bangalee)
Effects of Surrounding Conditions on Natural Convection Flow in Open Cavity. 2013.
14]]Nishat Tasnim (Supervisor: Md. Zavid Iqbal Bangalee)
Effects of boundary conditions on natural convection flow in open cavity. 2013.
13]]Shamima Islam (Supervisor: M. Ferdows )
Marangoni convection flow & heat transfer over a non-isothermal plate with a nanofluid in the presence of magnetic induction effects. 2012.
12]]Muosumi Das (Supervisor: M. Ferdows )
Non-Similar solution on Nanoparticles with aligned Magnetic Field. 2012.
11]]Sakawat Hossain (Supervisor: M. Ferdows )
Mixed convection through induced magnetic field with constant heat flux. 2011.
10]]Ashis Kumar (Supervisor: M. Ferdows )
Local non-similar solution on non-isothermal radiative stretching boundary layer heat transfer flow under the influence of induced magnetic field. 2011.
09]]Md. Shakhaoath Khan (Co-advisor: M. Ferdows):
MHD radiative boundary layer flow over a nanofluid stretching sheet, Mathematics Discipline, Khulna University, Bangladesh, 2011.
08]]Israt Jahan (Supervisor: M. Ferdows )
Effects of hall and ion slip currents on MHD micropolar flow past a vertical porous surface in the presence of viscous dissipation and ohomic heating. 2009.
07]]Md. Nazmul Hasan (Supervisor: M. Ferdows )
Thermophoresis and Chemical Reaction Effects on MHD natural Convective Heat and Mass Transfer flow in a rotating fluid considering heat and mass fluxes. 2009.
06]]Pritom Nag (Supervisor: M. Ferdows )
Steady Magneto-hydrodynamic free convective heat transfer in Micropolar boundary layer over a vertical plate with hall current, Suction/injection effects. 2009.
05]]Md.Washim Alam (Supervisor: M. Ferdows )
Free-forced convective flow in a vertical porous surface with Dufour and Soret effects. 2008.
04]]S. M. Chapal Hossain (Supervisor: M. Ferdows )
MHD Natural Convection in a Micropolar Fluid with Power- law Variation in Surface Temperature and Internal Heat Generation. 2008.
03]]Mohammad Khabirul Islam (Supervisor: M. Ferdows )
Order of Chemical reaction, Radiation and Thermophoresis on the variable viscosity on heat and mass transfer flow over an inclined surface with Darcian effects. 2008.
02]]Md. Zavid Iqbal Bangalee (Supervisor: M. Ferdows )
The effect of variable viscosity for Double diffuse problem of MHD from a porous boundary with internal heat generation. 2007.
01]]Md. Ifte Khairul Islam (Supervisor: M. Ferdows )
Effects of Suction / Injection on Steady MHD Flow towards a Stretching Surface with Internal Heat Generation and Variable Temperature. 2007.